Collection: Batiks

Batiks are hand-dyed fabrics where the designer uses a wax to prevent some of the fabric from being dyed.  They create often very bold prints in lots of different, vibrant colours.  We supply John Louden batiks, and have recently worked with a designer in India to create some prints exclusively for Simply Haberdashery.  They look gorgeous in quilts, and make striking clothing, as well as bags and cushions.  One of our clients recently made a sun canopy out of a mixture of batiks, which looks stunning with the sun streaming through! 

It’s useful to know that you should always wash a newly purchased batik fabric to wash away any residual dye left on the surface of the fabric.  You also find with many batiks that both sides look similar, rather than there being a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side.  Our exclusive batiks are a lovely weight, approx. 120gsm. 

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